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seas_of_rhye's Journal

The Seven Seas of Rhye
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The Seven Seas of Rhye is a roleplaying community in which the players take on the roles of, you guessed it: pirates! Unlike the majority of the pirate roleplaying communities on Livejournal, this is not simply a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic taken to non-canon playing grounds; this is a place where we play pirates. Not the way they really were, of course, since it would quickly become depressing, and the characters would die a lot. Instead, these will be romanticized pirates- characters like Jack Sparrow, Sandokan, and Sinbad, to name the most popular ones out there. Make no mistake, these are treacherous, merciless bandits- but they do have a code, as stretched as it might get sometimes.


Rhye is a continent on a world of fantasy and glamour. This is not Earth- but somewhere else. The continent itself is formed in the shape of a gigantic circle, over a hundred miles wide, with a perimeter of thousands of miles. The continent is ruled by three seperate but very connected empires. A monarchy, an oligarchy, and a republic. These three continents trade and commerce continually, but due to the horrendous landscape between each continent (which is what originally kept them seperate) it all must occur via sailing the seas that lie within the circle. Seas plagued by islands. Small and large and everywhere in between, these islands harbor monstruous creatures of lore and legend... and something else. Something worse. Pirates.

The three empires are as follows: The Oligarchy of Kerningland. The citizens are Kerners, and the language is Kerning. The Monarchy is called Bruscia. The citizens are Bruscans, and the language is Bruscian. The Republic is not specified yet.


As stated before, the characters should be romanticized. I have no problem with them being evil, vicious and ruthless. Just make sure it meshes with the rest of the characters. This doesn't mean they have to get along; by all means be as polemic as you wish! But, for example, character death should be part of a storyline, not the product of two characters simply not being able to be played together. Pirates are pirates are pirates- arguments and duels are to be expected. In any case, anyone who's playing here probably has enough sense to know what I'm talking about, thus we move on.

The naming style for characters is probably European. But I'm not putting a limit. Anything's fine if it's thematically appropriate. In any case, characters can be part of a crew with other characters, or be loners, or have their own ship (though too many 'captains' isn't encouraged, for obvious reasons). You can even choose to be a member of one of the empires' navies, or something un-pirate like! It's your choice. Applications are lax. I don't need six pages of info on your character. A comprehensive summary with a description and some cool plot points is all that's necessary.

The Golden Rule

Keep the drama in character, and for Davey's sake, have fun.