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The Seven Seas of Rhye
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August 2006
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Seeking Passage

Olivia walked into the inn and tried not to show her disgust. In Bruscia, even the servants behaved better than these filthy pirates. Nonetheless, she couldn't count on the navy or privateers to give her passage home, and she'd have to depend on the mongrels.

She had to try to keep herself from making sure the strip of cloth around her chest was secure, had to stop herself from smoothing her clothes, and just as importantly, had to not walk like the lady she had been raised to be. She stilled her hands by shoving them into her pockets and then strode through the mass of men and... other women? She spotted a few, but she was fairly certain any women here were the loose sort and not the respectable sort. Excepting herself, of course.

"Hullo," she greeted the innkeeper. "I'd like a rum, and I'd like to know who's sailing closest to Bruscia." She didn't have as much money as she normally did, but she had some; she put it on the counter, covered loosely by her hand. "And there's more to that when you tell me who's sailing," she said with a sweet smile, before remembering she was supposed to be a boy. The smile quickly turned into a toothy grin.

Location: Skayport

NPC: Barkeep.

No one in the inn seems to really take notice of the young 'boy' that steps inside, and though the money is placed rather bluntly on the table, nothing changes. The only one that does look straight into the eyes of this newcomer is Tinie.

Many people say he's there, behind that bar, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week- and the bags under his eyes do nothing to dissuade such rumours. He doesn't say anything at first- a simple grunt as he reaches under the bar and rummages for a minute, finally pulling out a bottle and putting it on the table. There's no glass.

"Usual custom's t'try t'get as much free information's possible, then threaten, then pay," he says. He's a chubby man, but it looks like the majority of the bulk is muscle. "Not tha'm unwillin' t'skip a few steps," he says. His hand is still gripped tight around the neck of the bottle of rum, looking down at the hand covering the money. "But first things first, lad."

Re: NPC: Barkeep.

Olivia grinned. "I'm more generous than tradition. Though if you want to tell me for free, you're welcome to do so." She nearly lapsed into a smile again and then caught herself. "Who's sailing?"

Re: NPC: Barkeep.

"Aye, tradition's a greedy wynch," the barkeep says, scratching his chin slightly. "I cannae b'certain 'bout who's sailin' t'wards Bruscia- but th'most likely candidates be anyone that joins th'Magpie," he says, still clenching the bottle of rum. Tinie's a trusting fellow, but being trusting among pirates is a lot different than being trusting among landlubbers.

"Now, ye gonna pay fer the booze an' reference, or wha'?"

Re: NPC: Barkeep.

"The Magpie," she repeats. "Aye, I'll pay." She shoves the money over the counter. "Are you going to tell me where I can find them then?"

Re: NPC: Barkeep.

"Hmm." He seems undecided, even as he lets go of the bottle and shoves it towards his conversation partner. Finally, as he counts the money and then drops it under the counter, the pieces disappearing: "Aye. Th'docks be th'best place, though th'captain comes'ere almost ev'ry night. G'luck, lad." He grins a little, more mischief than perhaps he wanted to let on, and then moves to the side to 'tend to someone else.

Re: NPC: Barkeep.

Good luck? What had that meant?

No matter. She had rum, and if she played her cards right, she'd have a ride home. So should she wait till tonight or go straight to the ship?

More information, she decided at last. She'd find out what she could about these pirates and then sign on. First, she'd find the ship and at least see if they were taking on crew.