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The Seven Seas of Rhye
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Viv and Oli continue a conversation previously interrupted.Collapse )

In which Oli finally meets with the two Magpie heads, and gets a bit disconcerted.Collapse )

Current Location: Skayport

Captain Crow-Eye and First Mate Greenbird have a short chat concerning where they are to be a-sailing, and other things.Collapse )

Current Location: Skayport

Olivia walked into the inn and tried not to show her disgust. In Bruscia, even the servants behaved better than these filthy pirates. Nonetheless, she couldn't count on the navy or privateers to give her passage home, and she'd have to depend on the mongrels.

She had to try to keep herself from making sure the strip of cloth around her chest was secure, had to stop herself from smoothing her clothes, and just as importantly, had to not walk like the lady she had been raised to be. She stilled her hands by shoving them into her pockets and then strode through the mass of men and... other women? She spotted a few, but she was fairly certain any women here were the loose sort and not the respectable sort. Excepting herself, of course.

"Hullo," she greeted the innkeeper. "I'd like a rum, and I'd like to know who's sailing closest to Bruscia." She didn't have as much money as she normally did, but she had some; she put it on the counter, covered loosely by her hand. "And there's more to that when you tell me who's sailing," she said with a sweet smile, before remembering she was supposed to be a boy. The smile quickly turned into a toothy grin.

Location: Skayport

A night like many others may not end like many others for the pirates known as Crow-Eye Jack and Viv Greenbird...Collapse )

Current Location: Skayport
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